Save hundreds of hours in learning Jetpack Compose

by @alexstyl

Do not learn Jetpack Compose from scratch. From View to Composable includes code examples and to-the-point explanation on how to do everything you already know from Android Views using Jetpack Compose.

Save hundreds of hours from

Table of Contents (🏗)

  1. Preface
  2. Jump Start to Compose
    1. TextView
    2. EditText
    3. ImageView
    4. Button
    5. Toolbar
    6. Dialog
    7. Snackbar
  4. Layouts
    1. LinearLayout
    2. FrameLayout
    3. RecyclerView
    4. Grid
    5. ViewPager
    6. ConstraintLayout
    7. BottomSheet
  5. Interop with Views
  6. Theming
  7. Insets
  8. Keyboard + IME
  9. Permissions
  10. Start activity for results
  11. Compose specifics
    1. State
    2. Navigation
    3. ViewModels
    4. Structuring a Compose app

Sneak Peak of the Text Chapter

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes. We support Parity Purchasing Power. Depending on your location, you should see a discount code in the top of this page. You can apply the discount code during checkout

Will we be able to get new versions of this e-book for upcoming version changes on Compose?

Yes. The contents of the book will be updated according to the latest available version of Compose at a given time.

When is the eBook going to be available?

The eBook will be available once it is done. There is no set date for it yet but you can see the overall progress by clicking here.

I am new to Android Development. Is this eBook for me?

This eBook assumes that you already know how to build Android apps using Views. If you are currently learning Android Development from scratch, check out Google's Android Basics with Compose.

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